A Buyer-Focused Approach

在客户所在的地方与他们见面,并促使他们购买. Not sure where to begin with inbound?
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Why Does Inbound Marketing Work?

Inbound is a buyer-focused这是一种可衡量的营销方法,可以帮助你满足客户的需求. Every inbound marketing activity (website, email, PPC, social media, content) is tracked and measured. 然后进行持续的监视和测试,以帮助您根据数据做出关于什么是有效的决策, what's not, and respond quickly. Inbound helps keep your sales team fed with leads, maximizes sales enablement, and frees them up to sell.

The good news:你将最终能够看到和证明你的营销努力的ROI.


How Does Inbound Marketing Work?

We help our industrial and manufacturing clients build brand awareness 通过开发数字内容并通过社交媒体等多种渠道进行推广, email marketing, social advertising, PPC, and earned media placement.

然后我们帮助他们推动访客进一步向下销售漏斗与内容,回答问题期间 consideration and decision stages. Finally, 我们以保留为重点的内容和专为他们提供的独家十大彩票网赌平台让现有客户感到高兴.

What Are The Four Stages of Inbound Marketing?



每个阶段都会为你的买家提出不同的问题、挑战和担忧. 你可以把它想象成一款桌面游戏,在你的帮助下,客户可以进入下一个阶段.

By matching relevant content to each stage of the buyer’s journey, you’ll reach customers in a way that works for them. 你将被视为一个有帮助的顾问,与潜在客户建立信任,并有更好的客户保留.

Your buyers are:

研究,谷歌,学习,并试图找到一个解决方案,将减轻某种痛苦. 是时候让他们意识到你的存在,并用正确的内容吸引他们了.

How to help them:

Don't come on too strong --they're not ready to buy yet. Work on your SEO so they can find you! 创建高层次的内容,比如一篇关于他们可能遇到的问题的博客文章. Social media and your website play a big part in generating awareness.

How we help you:

We'll build strong brand awareness with a well-designed, updated website that is optimized to attract new visitors. We'll also re-brand your social media channels, get your blog up and running, 并创建和推广漏斗顶部的内容,如清单和电子书. 我们会做一个搜索引擎优化审计,并提出建议,以改善您的搜索位置, 以及内容审计,以确定如何使用现有内容以快速取胜.


How To Get Started With Inbound Marketing

入站营销的整体理念是吸引、转化、亲近和取悦你的客户. But in order to do all that, you have to start somewhere.

First ask yourself these questions:

Who are our customers?
How do they buy from us?
What do they want to know?
What does our marketing/sales funnel look like?
What are our baseline metrics?

Then develop your inbound marketing strategy by:

Setting SMART goals
Developing customer personas
Developing buyer's journeys for each persona
Creating content for each stage of the funnel
Promoting and sharing that content
Benchmarking, measuring, and A/B testing

Which Marketing Automation Software Should We Use?

Building a marketing technology stack can be intimidating. 市场上有几十种营销自动化和CRM平台. 订阅价格从每月几百美元到几千美元不等. 如果你是一家中等规模的制造或工业公司,有几百到几千个联系人, you don't need one of the big enterprise solutions.

Instead, build your marketing tech stack with affordable, 适合小型企业和中型市场组织的易于管理的工具. 我们推荐查看HubSpot、Pardot、Act-On、Salesfusion和Infusionsoft.

您选择的营销自动化软件应该与您的目标相一致, number of contacts, 你的预算和团队中需要管理它的人员的带宽.


Which Marketing Automation Software Should We Use?

我们是HubSpot白金合作伙伴,通过定期培训和随需应变的帮助,帮助我们的客户建立和使用它的许多工具和集成. HubSpot has helped many companies attract visitors, convert leads, 通过自动化他们的营销和销售工作,更容易和更快地关闭客户.

HubSpot has a free version of their automated marketing software (plus a free CRM!) so you can get started and learn the basics. Give us a call to get started with HubSpot FREE.

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